Hi! My name is Anise. My location is classified for state security. I am 6 years old. I have a really big family most of the members are cats and dogs but I think that counts too. I live with my mom, grandma and my devilish brother and sister. I go to the school, like everyday. I learnt every class already, I know the place, I don’t know why I have to keep going there. Half of my class looks like a monkey revolution. I have 3 dogs, one monkey, one cat and 2 birds. My house looks like a zoo but that’s not because of the animals. We have rice like every night, its only rice, rice, rice. My brain doesn’t function properly because it’s filled with rice. Once my teacher asked “what’s 5+5”=? And I almost said rice. It’s like my grandma has made a contact with China. I believe that one day aliens are going to visit us, I hope they take our rice away. Even my dog, Rocky Balboa (that’s his name) can’t eat rice anymore. And he is just a dog.I don’t watch a lot of TV, I believe that’s a barbarianway to hypnotize the kids, maybealiens use it so we can become their army one day. I have a very interesting life if you sit down and listen.For example: When I grow up to be 60 I want to get a tattoo and drive a Harley, and break dance too. I like painting my life with trouble. That’s me. Have a nice earth spin!

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