Everyone has tons of questions about puberty. I am sure even you would be wanting to know about this change.

Whether you are just starting to notice the changes of puberty or they have been happening for a while, this guide will give you tools to talk to your doctor and your parents about what is going on inside your body! You will also find some ideas for coping with the “weird” changes you are experiencing.

HOW IT WORKS? So what exactly is puberty? It is the time in your life when your body changes from a boy into a young man. It usually begins between the ages 10 and 15 and ends when you are 19 or older, but EVERY BOY IS DIFFERENT. You may start puberty sooner or later than your friends.

Puberty begins when your body releases hormones that cause you to physically mature and start making sperm, so you can possibly make a baby someday. First, your brain sends a hormone to your testicles telling them to begin making another hormone called testosterone. These hormones trigger a wide range of physical and emotional changes that make up puberty.