SECTION 1: If you are reading this, the chances are you want to know more about managing fever in children. Your child may have fever from an infection or common cold, or maybe flu, this article will guide you to talk to the doctor about steps you can take to best help your child. Always share with your doctor any family update-a new pet in the house, a change of school, any recent sporting activity to a vacation. These can affect your child’s health. Be honest about your child’s symptoms. Your doctor cannot help unless he knows what is really going on with the child.

SECTION 2: WHAT IS FEVER?Fevers are commonly caused by an infection. Majority of the infections start when your child comes in contact with bacteria or a virus. A fever is a natural way of fighting off sickness. Usually, fevers aren’t serious in young children, but they can be a concern in infants. To be safe, always seek guidance from a pediatrician. Normal Temperature : Your child’s temperature changes throughout the day. It’s lower in the morning and higher in the afternoon and evening.

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